Dental Implants Are the Most Effective Way to Replace a Missing Jawbone

23 Jul

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots that are surgically implanted into the jaw bone to replace teeth. A dental implant is usually a titanium screw that is shaped to mimic a natural tooth root. A dental implant serves the same function as that of a natural tooth root but does not require the same amount of time and patience to mend a broken tooth. 

Missing teeth may occur for various reasons such as natural decay or breaks, accidents, and diseases. The replacement of teeth with dental implants allows individuals who have lost their teeth to regain self-esteem and confidence by having a healthier, strong set of teeth. Orthodontist in sewell nj provide different types of dental implants to patients depending on their condition. Some dental implants are used to replace one tooth whereas others are used to replace several missing teeth at the same time.

Before a patient can have dental implants, a period of recovery is required. During this period, the patient will be sedated to make it easier for the surgeon to place the new crown or bridge. He will also perform a series of cosmetic procedures to ensure that the gums and jawbone are strong before the next step of placing the artificial root in the jawbone. The gums will be closed while the surgeon performs the surgical procedure and then covered with an adhesive bandage so that they cannot be irritated during the recovery period.

The artificial teeth or crowns will be placed into the jawbone after they are secured into place using metal screws and plates. Afterward, the dental implants will be shaped to match the shape of a natural tooth. The artificial teeth will be bonded to the jawbone through cement. The process requires long hours of preparation followed by several days of rest so that the gums do not heal over the cement. Once the artificial teeth are securely in place, they are covered with a special layer of plastic to protect them from infection.

The dentist may also burn a small amount of tissue to seal the dental implants better.
A titanium screw will be inserted into each natural tooth root to hold the titanium post in place. If the bone has been broken, the surgeon will use dental implants instead of natural tooth roots to hold the posts in place. The screw is left in the bone during this process to keep it in place and to ensure that it cannot be pulled out later on. If the screw does become dislodged, the bone will have to be replaced. This is much more difficult than replacing a screw. For better services, settle for an ideal dental implant dentist in sewell nj.

When all of these steps are complete, the prosthetic will be attached to the jaw along with a new covering. The entire procedure typically takes one to two weeks to complete. However, if there are any complications or issues with the jaw during the procedure, the process may take even longer. The patient will be given pain medication and a local anesthetic to help alleviate any discomfort. Once the dental implants have fully bonded to the jawbone, the patient can resume his or her normal activities immediately.
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